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Inside Pierce County - Fantasy Lights

Go behind the scenes to see what it takes to pull off the largest holiday light display in Washington State! From setting up displays to running electrical and programming animations, join Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier for an episode that Fantasy Lights fans shouldn't miss!

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Inside Pierce County - Haunted Headlights
Pierce County has a drive thru event that's perfect for families this Halloween season. Join Executive Bruce Dammeier for a look behind the scenes at what goes into Haunted Headlights.

Inside Pierce County - Ferry Maintenance
Climb aboard the Steilacoom II with Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier for an exclusive peek into the inner workings of ferry maintenance! We uncover the dedicated efforts of workers who keep the Steilacoom II shipshape and sailing strong through the waters of Puget Sound.

Inside Pierce County - Radio Communications
There's an aspect of public safety we rarely talk about, or even think about, but it sure is important! Radio Communications is a small team of employees who outfit patrol cars, maintain radio towers and ensure that our first responders can call for backup and communicate with each other. Here's a behind the scenes look at Pierce County Radio Communications.

Inside Pierce County - Pickleball
King 5's Chris Egan joins the County Executive for a friendly game of pickleball at Sprinker Recreation Center, to celebrate the fastest growing sport in America that started right here in Washington State! Get the scoop on pickleball offerings at Sprinker's Gorin Tennis Center.

Inside Pierce County - Bike Month
Grab your helmets and get ready to explore the great outdoors, because Bike Month is here! Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier joins up with Shawn Phelps, Senior Transportation Planner, and Brianne Blackburn, Trails Coordinator with Pierce County Parks and Recreation, as they ride the Foothills Trail into Buckley.

Inside Pierce County - Catch Basin Cleaning
Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier gets out his muck boots for this episode with the Maintenance and Operations crew!

Inside Pierce County - Superior Court
Judges make life altering decisions every day - overseeing a criminal trial or resolving a civil dispute. What does it take to be a judge, and why would anyone want the stress of making those kinds of decisions? Find out more in this episode with Pierce County Superior Court Presiding Judge Timothy Ashcraft.

Inside Pierce County - Traffic Signals
Have you ever wondered how traffic signals really work? Go behind the scenes at the Pierce County Sewer & Traffic Operations (STOP) Facility to learn about the technology behind the lights and how workers keep our intersections operating dependably and safely--24/7. To report traffic sign or signal issues, please call (253) 798-8000.

Inside Pierce County - Track My Ballot
Follow the journey your ballot makes from a Pierce County drop box to the Pierce County Election Center. See the processes it goes through, including check in, signature verification, opening the envelopes and tabulation. Track your ballot online at

Inside Pierce County - Mobile Pumpout
What happens when your boat needs a pumpout? If you're in the South Puget Sound, you call Pierce County's mobile pumpout service! Get the scoop on this free service and how it's helping local water quality.

Inside Pierce County - Bomb Squad
Fire in the hole! Spend a day with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department bomb squad, meet the explosive detection K9 dog, and check out the bomb robot. Watch Executive Bruce Dammeier get into the bomb suit, and learn how the Fourth of July impacts their work.

Inside Pierce County - Fire Investigations
County Executive Bruce Dammeier goes behind the scenes of a real fire investigation with Deputy Fire Marshal Cole Roberts. It involves a burglary and a horse trailer. Where did the fire start and why? What causes can they rule out? Find out in this episode.

Inside Pierce County - How SoundGRO is Made
Join Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier on a tour of the SoundGRO plant to see how wastewater solids are turned into fertilizer.

Inside Pierce County - Code Enforcement
Visit a code enforcement site on the Key Peninsula with Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier. Learn more about the code enforcement process and how code officials work with the Sheriff's Department to clean up nuisance properties.

Inside Pierce County - Death Investigation
Go behind the scenes of the Pierce County Medical Examiner's office and see what goes into a death investigation.

Inside Pierce County - How Signs are Made
Ever wonder how road signs are made? Visit the Pierce County sign shop with Executive Bruce Dammeier to see the process. Plus learn about how to report a missing sign. Call (253) 798-8000.

Inside Pierce County - Chip Seal
From June through August, you’ll see the Pierce County road crew chip sealing 200 lane miles across the County. Go behind the scenes with Executive Bruce Dammeier to see what makes this the road pavement of choice, go for a ride on the spreader and meet longtime crew member Axel.

Inside Pierce County - Animal Control
Go for a ride along with a Pierce County Animal Control officer. Join County Executive Bruce Dammeier as he learns about the job, encounters with exotic animals, and the sad or heartwarming stories behind rescuing animals.

Inside Pierce County - Cool Places in the County-City Building
Go for a tour inside the walls of the County-City Building. Have you seen the secret tunnel, or the 11-story shaft? How about the surprise next to the jury room, or the elevator room? Pierce County Facility Management gives County Executive Bruce Dammeier a look at places few people ever get to see.

Inside Pierce County - Weatherization Program
The Pierce County Weatherization program helps families reduce energy costs by improving the efficiency of their homes through insulation, furnace repairs, air sealing and more.

Inside Pierce County - Snow Response

When snow blankets the South Puget Sound, Pierce County Planning & Public Works is quick to respond. Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier goes behind the scenes at the Road Operations Command Center and takes us for a ride along with a plow driver.

Inside Pierce County - Ice Bumper Cars

Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier takes Ice Bumper Cars for a spin at Sprinker Recreation Center! Get the scoop on who can ride and when, plus party rentals and pairing with ice skating.

Inside Pierce County - Tacoma Narrows Airport

Go inside Tacoma Narrows Airport with Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier! Ride along in the Pierce County Sheriff's Department airplane to see how technology is helping to keep you safe from the sky. And find out what this municipal airport offers for commercial and recreational pilots, plus aviation enthusiasts and families with kids.